restaurant-peachesThese selected restaurants are by no means an exhaustive list but rather a selection of the best places to eat within 30 km of The Frog and Peach. Booking is essential for any of these restaurants even if you are a small group. All of these restaurants will observe standard French eating hours (midday – 1.30pm and 7:00 – 9.30pm). The restaurants are listed by their proximity to Sentein.

Les Bordes sur Lez
Sainte-Hélène (05 61 05 23 95). Good food served in a converted village hall.

The Ribèrot valley
La Maison du Valier  ( 05 61 01 01 01) is a new restaurant at the end of the Ribèrot valley. Set in a traditionally styled mountain cabin, the eating area is bright with wonderful views of the mountains.

Castillon en Couserans
Chez Tof ( 6 rue Francois Camel, 05 61 66 30 92). A good homemade pizza joint with plentiful salads and burgers that will do takeaways and even have a vegetarian option.

The Engobar is bistrot eating at its best. Jean Louis, the affable host, runs a lively bar and cooks some great food, partially inspired by his Latin American travels.

Chez Monique et Stéphane (05 61 96 71 52) is the only place to eat wild boar. The meat is served both as a delicious pâté  and a stew in a dining room with hunting trophies covering the walls. A perfect spot for Sunday lunch.

St Girons
Le St Gi (14, Rue du Pujol, 05 61 04 97 57) is a great little classic French eatery in St Girons. There is a sunny terrace and this is a good option for Saturday lunchtime after the market.

Mandala Cafe (28, Rue Joseph Pujol, 05 61 96 58 86) is very good, very popular and very small.

Auberge d’Antan (05 61 64 11 02) is a beautiful converted stable block and specialises in meat roasted over an open fire. Expect suckling pig on a spit and a menu that runs to five courses.

Pop Cuisine (05 61 03 39 16) is a good option for children with its own homemade ice cream parlour. Simple food and an outside eating area make this a good option for families.

Lorp Sentaraille
La Petite Maison  ( (05 61 66 54 49) is widely considered to be one of the best restaurants in the area. Don’t be put off by its slightly unusual position, set back from the main road from St Girons to the motorway.