Popular Walks

DSC00048Mont Valier (2838m), long thought the highest peak in the Pyrénées, is easily accessible from Sentein.  Despite towering above adjacent peaks, Mont Valier is not even the highest peak of the region although it does offer a catered refuge a few hours from the summit. This allows walkers greater flexibility to diverge from the most direct route to the summit and visit one of the lakes which lie a little way off the summit path.

The highest peak of the region is Mauberme at 2880 m. This is a tough climb to the summit and back in a day but is similarly easily accessible from Sentein. Mauberme lies right on the Spanish border and the path tracks into Spain as you reach the summit. From Mauberme one view looks far across the Pyrenean foothills towards Toulouse while the view south is a magical world of high pasture, small lakes and mini volcanic peaks. Walkers wishing to ascend Mauberme may wish to bring tents as there is a good sheltered valley to pitch camp in just before the final ascent.

Aside from these two main peaks there are a series of lower level walks which can include staying overnight in un-manned, basic huts that line the trails so remember to bring a sleeping bag. The local tour of the valley (Tour de Biros) can take up to four days  but can be easily modified to include staying in The Frog and Peach on at least one of the three nights.  Another popular route takes the departure point for Mauberme but skirts the frontier to the north and instead drops down to Seix, a nearby town with bars and shops where you can easily be collected from.